Akin to an eagle

inspired by the Kalinga (a Philippine tribe) cultural video posted up by pinoy-culture. (video)

how Kalinga women are tough, proud, and dance like a soaring eagle who looks down on earth.

Oh I LOVE IT! Makes me want to go back to the conference and this particular workshop again and actually join in on the dancing which sadly I didn’t join as I wanted to record everything for you guys. :D

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Dr. Lindsey Fitzharris posted this image of a 300-year-old Tibetan Carved Skull on Twitter. She’s gonna give Bob cranium envy.

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She’s here!
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Sorry for my prolonged absence!

As some of you noticed, September 1st has passed. That was the day Boss and I said we’d start answering questions about the Skin Game casefile and generally publicly acknowledging what happened. We wanted to give folks plenty of time to read…

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Kaptan, the lord of the skies in Visayan Mythology. 

Thought I should share one of the stuff I’m working on for the portfolio project this semester. This artwork will be a part of the Artbook I’m going to submit to our portfolio subject.

 And it’s due on September //pullshairLook at all the stuff I need to rush.//tears

Kaptan| Magwayen

So guys, you know by now how much I love finding Pilipin@ artists who makes art based on our cultures, history, and especially on our mythologies? Well I have found yet another artist who has made a series of art of Bisayan deities as well as a few mythological creatures and I’m slowly trying to contain my excitement of finding another artist and more art. (If you follow me on my personal blog you can see just how excited I am haha.)

To be honest I found the artist by accident while trying to find some cognates and meanings of a term derived from one of these deities, Inagunid, a deity who the Bisayans prayed to for success in times of war and during the raiding season they took part of every year along with another deity called Malanduk.

While researching I stumble upon an illustration depicting Inagunid which is just freakin awesome and I browsed through their other illustrations and I fell in love.

So I’ll be posting them all here to share this beautiful artwork on some of our old gods and goddesses as well as the ones they have made on some of our mythological creatures.

The first one here is the Bisayan god, Kaptan, who is a sky god and one of the primordial and creator deities in the Bisayan creation story along with the goddess, Magwayen, the goddess of the sea and the guardian and one who ferries the dead to Sulad, the purgatory prior to Saad, the land of the ancestors. He along with Magwayen created a thunderbolt and striked Pandaguan, the son of the first man and woman, Si Kabay and Si Kalak, after he offended and angered them. This thus became the first person to die (note though this did not mark the first death in the world).

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Yet another artwork from my portfolio project.

Dalikamata. She is the Goddess of Health and Ailments. She is also known as the many-eyed god. The purpose of her eyes is that it makes her look after people who are in need. She is also known to punish people who inflicts pain and suffering to the innocent with blindness or sickness. 

Kaptan | Magwayen

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I’m facilitating a panel with some awesome people at the #MIBF sponsored by #NBDB and #readercon :) The event is free! Come on over!

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  • Question: Anita faked her threats. Also writers that have spoken against this "gaming feminism" have ACTUALLY received threats (the ones making the threats, their twitter pages are actually real people). You should honestly be ashamed for pushing your false narrative and dishonesty. - Anonymous
  • Answer:



    Go fuck yourself.

    Kudos, Comics Alliance.

    And #gamergate baby men? What he said. Go fuck yourselves.

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